Zansors’ Help4TM is a suite of health apps that will make Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) accessible to anyone.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a proven methodology that can be used to address depression, migraine, alcoholism and other chronic health problems. CBT is typically practiced as one-on-one therapy between a patient and a specially certified clinician. Because there are few CBT trained therapists, access to this proven approach is very limited.

Help4TM by Zansors is changing that. We have worked with nationally-known CBT experts at leading universities and Kaiser Health to create apps that bring CBT directly to people and can be used by the patient alone or in conjunction with a healthcare provider.

Help4TM CBT apps brings care directly to the patients, whenever they need it, not just at their next appointment. The app is there the moment a patient needs it - so logging behaviors is easier to do. With accurate tracking, the app can reveal how a pattern of behavior changes over time and affects health outcomes.

Change is not achieved by willpower alone - it's achieved through a pattern of behavior. Help4TM uses CBT's scientifically-proven methods to support a patient's desire to change their habit and create a new, positive health outcome. These methods have been clinically tested and validated at top research institutions.

In 2017 we will introduce Help4TM, a suite of apps that make CBT accessible to anyone.

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