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  • Zansors has developed a sensor to measure sleep quality. Sleep quality not only includes tossing and turning during the night, but more importantly, how well you breathe while sleeping.

    Breathing improperly while sleeping can have major implications for your overall health - and Zansors is making a sensor that allows anyone to determine their sleep quality affordably.

    With feedback from Zansors' sleep quality sensor, you have an evidence-based way to measure the quality of your sleep. The sensor rates your sleep with a red, yellow or green light to help you understand what to do next (maybe not?). A yellow light may mean it's time to change a few of your sleep habits, while a red light means you should consider seeing your doctor.
  • Employing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Zansors’ Help4TM is a suite of health apps that will make Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) accessible to anyone.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a proven methodology that can be used to address depression, migraine, alcoholism and other chronic health problems. CBT is typically practiced as one-on-one therapy between a patient and a specially certified clinician. Because there are few CBT trained therapists, access to this proven approach is very limited. Help4TM by Zansors is changing that. We have worked with nationally-known CBT experts at leading universities and Kaiser Health to create apps that bring CBT directly to people and can be used by the patient alone or in conjunction with a healthcare provider.

    Help4TM CBT apps brings care directly to the patients, whenever they need it, not just at their next appointment. The app is there the moment a patient needs it - so logging behaviors is easier to do. With accurate tracking, the app can reveal how a pattern of behavior changes over time and affects health outcomes

    Change is not achieved by willpower alone - it’s achieved through a pattern of behavior. Help4TM uses CBT’s scientifically-proven methods to support a patient’s desire to change their habit and create a new, positive health outcome. These methods have been clinically tested and validated at top research institutions.

    In 2017, we will introduce Help4TM, a suite of apps that make CBT accessible to anyone.
  • Placeholder Title

    Zansors was awarded Phase I grant by NIH's National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) to measure sweat and the specific blood alcohol content.

    Zansors is taking steps to sense sweat, measuring the sweat vapors and converting the concentration into algorithms in a sensor prototype. The prototype will combine Zansors bioengineering and biochemistry for an innovative platform

    In the future, sweat sensing can be used for firefighters or military, as well as athletes. Sweat has different analytes, meaning targets, like alcohol, electrolytes, ions (e.g. sodium, chloride) and glucose, that can be monitored. Stay tuned for future news on our sweat sensor endeavors.
  • Preventive Care After Cancer

    Survivors and caregivers can improve care after cancer with Zansors’ Cancer Survivor Symptom Tracker. The tracker, funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), was developed to prevent lymphedema.

    People who have undergone surgery or radiation for breast and other cancers are prone to lymphedema, swelling caused by fluid retention in the lymph system. But often patients don’t see their doctors until symptoms become debilitating. With the app, cancer survivors can-

    - Quickly and easily input data on symptoms and quality of life on their mobile device
    - Share data with caregivers using a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based system
    - Receive prompts to collect data or notifications to see their doctor before a crisis develops
    - Communicate their symptoms in recovery - as opposed to relying on memory during short, sporadic doctor visits

    Contact Us(use the 'see more' link styling) if you would like to learn more about Zansors' Cancer Survivor Symptom Tracker.
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