The Evidence Difference

Zansors has believed from the start that the key to creating great products and devices is to prove that they work, not just make tall claims. Our research and development work is funded by the NIH after through evaluation and peer-review.

Detecting apneas from recorded sleep data using novel algorithms

Detecting apneas from recorded sleep data using novel algorithms

The key to our research and development is to maintain a solid pipeline of effort from hardware design and app wireframing to final evaluation of usability, functionality and reliability. Our research team works diligently in conjunction with our engineers to ensure that our devices meet the stated requirements. We do intensive internal testing to ensure that the data that our sensors and apps provide are validated, accurate and reliable. Our data science team develops novel algorithms, using modern computer science and statistical methods, for different applications that are thoroughly tested against gold standards to ensure the highest quality of data-driven science. The data science and design teams work together to provide a usable, useful and informative interface to our products so that you can know yourself in an intuitive and straightforward manner.

Ultimately, we want our devices and apps to make a difference to people. We have partnered with top-rank research universities like the University of Michigan, George Washington University and George Mason University to test our products against gold standard methods in a clinical setting. For example, our sleep apnea products are tested against polysomnography in a clinical setting. Our studies have been approved through Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) to provide the best quality studies possible to look at usability, validity and reliability.

Zansors products are designed to help people make better decisions about themselves. Even so, we know that data and dashboards mean nothing without trust. With that in mind, every step we take on research and development process is designed to ensure the highest quality product.

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