All information you share with Zansors products provides you with the ability to receive your desired outcomes. We stay aware of federal laws like HIPAA and HITECH that protect your privacy.  Submission of data is voluntary and encrypted; however, in order for us to store data remotely so you can sync the data between your devices and ensure your data is retained in future versions, you will need to complete data sections fields. The data fields in the application are voluntary and you can choose how much detail to include.  We collect no personal information about you, only general information automatically generated by your device for analyses that will be used to improve our services. We use this information for statistical analyses only and do not share with external parties.

We do not share the information you provide with any third parties, which includes healthcare practitioners. We ask you to input data in order to produce information that you can use to build awareness and start a conversation with health care providers. If you choose to share with a healthcare provider, they must ensure they protect your health data as we believe they will.

We believe your health data is private and deserves the highest protection. All Zansors products and services were developed in consultation with leading law firms, privacy advocates, FDA consultants, cyber security consultants, and hospital IT experts.

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