Micro Sleep Sensor

Nearly 80% of people with Sleep Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD) remain undiagnosed and untreated. Alarmingly, these disorders go hand in hand with several serious chronic conditions: hypertension, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Now in alpha phase development, our Micro Sleep Sensor offers these benefits:

  • Captures real-time data on breathing and motion via a small wearable adhesive patch
  • Combines sensor technology and algorithms to analyze data over time, find sleep anomalies
  • Uses the true measure of sleep quality—breathing
  • Offers an affordable OTC alternative to $2000+ sleep studies for patients, providers, and insurers

Sleep Champ®Mobile Health App

Children’s daytime sleepiness, hyperactivity or even aggression can result from poor sleep quality. This app gives parents an easy way monitor kids' sleep quality. Benefits of the Sleep Champ app:

  • Helps identify children’s risks for sleep related breathing disorders (SRBD) and other symptoms that signal problems with sleep quality.
  • Uses  evidence-based technology from Dr. Ronald Chervin and the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center
  • Empowers parents to catch potentially life-threatening disorders like apnea—gaps in breathing—that routinely go missed at doctor visits.

Cancer Survivor Symptom Tracker

Women who have undergone surgery or radiation for breast cancer are prone to lymphedema, swelling caused by fluid retention in the lymph nodes. Often they don’t see their doctors until symptoms become debilitating. Funded by the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) SBIR Contract Program, Zansors Cancer Survivor Symptom Tracker allows breast cancer survivors to:

  • Quickly and easily input data on symptoms and quality of life on their smart phones or tablets
  • Send data to caregivers, from mobile devices and wearable sensors, using a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based system
  • Receive encouraging prompts to collect data or notifications to “see doctor,” before a crisis develops
  • Communicate complete health stories—as opposed to relying on memory during short, sporadic doctor visits

The Cancer Survivor Symptom Tracker is specifically tailored for breast cancer survivors facing lymphedema. Yet, the Zansors model of monitoring and sharing health data with mobile apps and wearable sensors in a secure cloud-based system has exciting, wide-ranging implications.

Cancer Survivor Symptom Tracker.jpg