Our story begins with real life experiences.

... a dad who went to the doctor because of pain - nothing else - and caught a very serious heart condition just in time

... a personal journey in managing long-term insomnia

... a mom with untreated sleep apnea

We all know from personal experience that health happens between doctors appointments. That's why in 2012 Zansors began to build tools to help people take control of their health.

In 2012, everyone was talking about Big Data. Meanwhile, we were thinking about little data - the detectable bio-signals from the body that we can listen to, if only we had the right tools. We wanted to harness them to deliver healthcare when and where you need it - just in time. What if you could monitor heart rate AND predict a heart condition? What if you could listen to breathing and know whether it's a red flag? What if cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia was easier to access?

We knew with sensors, apps and the cloud, patients could be back in control of their health issues. So we took the path less traveled: the evidence-based path. It's a slower route, and along the way we've seen lots of health toys worn on the wrist or hit the app store. Ultimately, we know it's the evidence-based tools that will stand the test of time - the medical devices will be accurate, accessible and trusted by the medical community. Zansors is taking the time to develop evidence-based apps that truly transform healthcare.

We found that our mission is shared by many others, and trusted partners joined our effort, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and academic researchers at University of Michigan. Together, we're creating an ecosystem of apps and sensors that capture and interpret the signals the body sends.

Zansors believes in providing affordable, innovative and personal solutions to help people take charge of their health. Zansors is committed to developing, launching and supporting a complete portfolio of sensor and app products.

The product is based on four primary tenets:

  1. Evidence-based
  2. Affordable
  3. User-centered design
  4. Personal empowerment

What's next? In 2017, many of our sensors and apps will be available.

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