Tools, Not Toys    

Zansors makes medical-grade sensors and apps. They are evidence-based and developed in conjunction with medical researchers, clinicians and biostatisticians to identify and treat real health problems. Many of today's health trackers are toys - they may provide interesting information, but often it's inaccurate and doesn't help you resolve your health issue.

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Capture Bio-Signals

Zansors makes wearable sensors and mobile apps to help you capture personal health information. Now, you can tune into your personal bio-signals and privately collect and interpret daily data from your body. Zansors' tools are clinically-tested and evidence-based, so you can know yourself and improve your health easily, affordably, and privately.


Your health data is private and deserves the highest protection. Because we respect your privacy, all Zansors products are developed in consultation with leading law firms, privacy advocates, FDA consultants, cyber security experts, and hospital IT experts. Our products are HIPAA compliant, private and secure with encryption.

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