What We Do

  • Evidence-Based Tools

    Zansors makes sensors and apps that work together to help you and your healthcare provider understand your body and get to better health. Sensors collect and interpret your bio-signals. Apps give you a window into this data, so you can visualize your health status over time and learn what behaviors make you better—and worse. The apps also capture qualitative health information – how you feel, what’s your mood – which are important indicators of your health. Some apps deliver clinically proven therapies to treat chronic health conditions.

  • Evidence-Based Methods

    Zansors has believed from the start that the key to creating great products and devices is to prove that they work, not just make tall claims. Our research and development work is funded by the NIH after thorough evaluation and peer-review.

    The key to our research and development is to maintain a solid pipeline of effort from hardware design and app wire-framing to final evaluation of usability, functionality and reliability. Our research team works diligently in conjunction with our engineers to ensure that our devices meet the stated requirements.

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  • What's in Development

    Zansors tools help people and their healthcare providers understand their body, decrease costs, improve access and get to better outcomes. Our work has been funded by grants from Health and Human Services, the Veteran’s Administration, and several of the institutes of the National Institutes of Health. What’s next? Future applications may include glucose and cholesterol monitors, at-home water quality testing, or military applications to evaluate fatigue, PTSD symptoms and more. If you are a corporate innovator or healthcare provider interested in collaborating with Zansors, please contact us

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