Zansors and Blauer Manufacturing Announce Partnership for Defense Wearables

First-responders, military will benefit from tech-to-textile collaboration

ARLINGTON, VA (October 24, 2017) - Zansors and Blauer Manufacturing Inc. announced a partnership to introduce wearable technology in defense textiles, which can be used to improve safety and utility of gear for first responders and the military. Zansors’ innovative sensor technology will advance the utility of Blauer’s gear designed for police, fire, EMS and military.

Not only will the collaboration lead to gear that is designed to protect, it will be a highly functional and result in a new category of data-rich defense garments. This smart gear for first-responder and military engagements will have mission-specific applications beyond the offerings of consumer tech-to-textile products.

“Textiles are entering a fascinating era in which technology is going to transform utility and what we expect from garments,” said Stephen Blauer, Sr. VP, at Blauer. “Our partnership with Zansors is about combining best-in-class garments and sensors.”

This collaboration can benefit military and first-responders by monitoring both internal and external factors that improve performance and safety. For example, fabrics can be used to capture biometric data, like breathing, motion or ECG, as well as external factors such as determining location or detecting chemical gases. This real-time information will support decision-making by military leaders and responder agencies.

There is also opportunity to create advantages to the individuals in the field by adapting to local conditions. Fabrics enhanced with sensors can be developed to change colors, be more sweat-friendly, ballistic-hardened, or tear and puncture proof.

“We see that the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security are leading the way in developing gear that makes a difference for those who risk their lives to protect us,” said Nicole Stout, DPT, vice president of Medical Affairs at Zansors. “Working together gives Zansors and Blauer the combined expertise in technology and textiles to take action and create gear that isn’t only best-in-class, but never-before-seen. We’re laying the groundwork for our labs to build the future of tech-wear for first-responders and military.”

About Zansors

Zansors is a Washington, DC metro-based healthcare innovation company delivering Personal Healthcare Analytics into the hands of consumers via wearable bio-sensors and health apps. Driven by our credo of “know yourself,” Zansors combines evidence-based apps, bioengineering and data analytics, allowing consumers to take charge of their health. Our proprietary biotechnology platform includes micro-sensors and micro-fluidics (also known as “lab-on-a-chip”) backed by a strong portfolio of patents filed. Zansors has previously received 6 funding awards from NIH and has formal partnerships with the University of Michigan and George Washington University.

About Blauer

Blauer is a fourth generation Boston based manufacturer of uniforms, outerwear, footwear, protective apparel and accessories for first responders and military users.  Blauer produces leading edge chemical and biological PPE with ChemPack fabrics and provides uniforms, outerwear and safety gear to police, firefighters and emergency medical techs nationwide.  Blauer holds numerous patents on technology related improvements to uniforms, clothing and uniform accessories. 

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