Weighing the Pros and Cons of Wearables: Time to Invest?

It seems everyone these days is wearing something on their body to collect data about their health. There are numerous types and brands of devices on the market today, and it can be overwhelming to pick the one that will best meet your needs.

Disruptive Innovation in a Traditional Industry: Wearable Tech and the Future of Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment

In today’s ever-changing world of constant technological innovations, there exists a gadget, sensor, or electronic to measure, report, and analyze almost any type of data we might desire. As sensor technology has evolved, systems have gotten lighter and less cumbersome, enabling them to fit into our cell phones, watches, wearable devices and even our clothing.

Supporting Our Troops with Wearable Sensor Technology

High tech and the military go hand-in-hand. The Armed Forces are often the first adopters of new technology to give them a competitive edge. Dual-use technologies are the same innovations being used in the defense sector and later embraced across other areas of society

Zansors Tools to Help Veterans with Sleep Disturbances

The fight is not necessarily over when a Veteran returns home. After a tour of duty leaves a solider with a head or spinal injury, the effects of the damage can often reverberate to other aspects of his or her life. Notably, sleep.

Sleep Matters to Reducing Veteran Suicides

Lack of sleep magnifies mental health conditions, sometimes to an extreme extent. Suicide attempts and successes have largely been associated with severe sleep disturbance.

Design Patent Protection – the Lines Matter

Design Patent protection can be an effective means of preventing your competitors from copying unique designs for your products, for example, your medical devices. 

Sensors in the NICU: Glucose Monitoring for the Tiniest Patients

Most health sensors today are built for adult patients. It’s a larger patient population than the pediatric patients who could benefit from sensors - but that doesn’t make sensors any less important for children’s healthcare.

Ready to Transform Pediatric Cancer Care? Sensors are the Key

Imagine you are a parent and your child has cancer. You know fever can be an emergency, but you forgot the thermometer at home. He was feeling well, and you had a long packing list of which to keep track.  It was a mistake.

The Future of Healthcare: What Medical Professionals Can Expect From Wearables

Today when a patient visits their doctor’s office, the information gathered is only a window into that patient’s overall health. It’s what’s happening that day, in that precise moment. 

Zansors Takes You Behind-the-Scenes with Discovery

Discovery Channel is all about science and being on the cutting edge of what’s next. So, we’re pretty excited that they featured us in a recent segment on on-demand health and the future of wearable tech.

Springtime at Zansors: What’s Happening & What’s Blooming

The past year has been amazing for Zansors with interesting developments for the company and its stakeholders. As Zansors prepares for the exciting possibilities ahead, here I’m sharing some of our key updates and news.

Want to innovate in health tech? Start with the patient

I recently gave a presentation at HITLAB’s annual Innovators’ Summit, “Digital health in the age of patient-centered care.” 

Why Health Innovators Have Failed Customers & What We Can Do About It

Wellness devices don’t help people lose weight unless the underlying mentality for change is already present. But most mass producers of these devices are not in the business of selling this point. They are in the business of selling products.

Getting Quality-based Payment Models Right Means Replacing X12

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are beginning to implement alternative payment models, fundamentally changing how health care providers are paid across America.

Designing for Health: First Impressions Can Make Or Break Your Product

A first impression can define the customer’s overall long-term satisfaction with a device, their willingness to buy similar devices in the future, and their likelihood of recommending the device to others

Springtime at Zansors: Progress, Renewal and Excitement

Spring is in the air!!! Spring is a time for opening closets and boxes, airing out the house and renewing actions and activities as we thaw out from the cold winter.

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