Respa, the World’s First Breathing Analyzer to Improve Athletic Performance, Now Available on Indiegogo


Respa, the world’s first breathing analyzer, designed to improve athletic performance while running, and during fitness workouts and yoga sessions, has been launched on Indiegogo here:

The patent-pending Respa is an easy-to-use, but highly sophisticated, wearable analyzer that tracks breathing patterns for the duration of workouts. The small device and companion app allow users to train smarter and practice better as they get real-time alerts that help them stay in their optimal breathing zone, in addition to post-workout analyses to track progress and plan workouts.

“Breathing is core to exercise and recent scientific studies have shown that your breathing patterns give a precise reading of how hard you are working,” said Nicole Stout, Zansors VP of Medical Affairs.

Breathing is a direct indicator of physical exertion and, unlike other fitness devices, Respa tracks current/real-time levels of aerobic fitness so athletes can optimize their training sessions.

“We found there was no fitness tracker out there that measures your breathing via sound, which is why we created Respa,” said Dr. Abhijit Dasgupta, PhD, Zansors co-founder and Chief Data Science Officer. “I’ve always had an interest in how data, when properly collected and analyzed, can help people know themselves and improve their lives, which is what Respa is designed to do.”

Dasgupta, who received his PhD in statistical analysis from the University of Washington and later worked at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, has spent most of his career helping doctors and biomedical researchers analyze and understand complex data about diseases, from cancer to arthritis.

Before Respa, athletes seeking breathing analysis required expensive tests using complicated, cumbersome equipment in a lab setting. Now, with Respa, the lab goes with the athlete, providing real-time analysis with every workout. Athletes get the most efficient and effective training, while yoga enthusiasts can use Respa to stay in-tune with their breath during their yoga practice.

Respa can also help athletic coaches and fitness instructors guide their students with real-time feedback about their breathing patterns and rhythms. With the Respa app, they can track their athletes’ progress to guide their training and coaching decisions.

On lighter training days, sensors can be adjusted to reduce injury risk and allow for more recovery. On harder training days, sensors can be adjusted again to help athletes push themselves to their limits.

Respa is available in four different models: Respa Elite Fitness 3.0, Respa Better Yoga, Respa Fitness 2.0 and Respa Coach.

For more information about Respa and to purchase the sensor at an exclusive discount by pre-ordering, visit the Respa campaign page on Indiegogo.

About Zansors
Zansors is a Washington, D.C. metro-based health innovation company delivering personal health analytics to consumers via wearable bio-sensors and health apps. Driven by the company’s credo of “know yourself,” Zansors combines evidence-based apps, bioengineering and data analytics, allowing consumers to take charge of their health. Zansors’ proprietary biotechnology platform includes micro-sensors and micro-fluidics (also known as “lab-on-a-chip”) backed by a strong portfolio of patents filed. Zansors has previously received six funding awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and has formal partnerships with the University of Michigan and George Washington University.

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