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Springtime at Zansors: Patents, Drinking & More

With the official announcement of the spring season, we at Zansors take time to assess how we are faring towards our mission of helping people take charge of their health. Continuing our tradition, here’s the springtime roundup of what we were up to in the past one year…

Disruptive Innovation in a Traditional Industry: Wearable Tech and the Future of Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment

In today’s ever-changing world of constant technological innovations, there exists a gadget, sensor, or electronic to measure, report, and analyze almost any type of data we might desire. As sensor technology has evolved, systems have gotten lighter and less cumbersome, enabling them to fit into our cell phones, watches, wearable devices and even our clothing.

Supporting Our Troops with Wearable Sensor Technology

High tech and the military go hand-in-hand. The Armed Forces are often the first adopters of new technology to give them a competitive edge. Dual-use technologies are the same innovations being used in the defense sector and later embraced across other areas of society

Getting Quality-based Payment Models Right Means Replacing X12

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are beginning to implement alternative payment models, fundamentally changing how health care providers are paid across America.

Springtime at Zansors: Progress, Renewal and Excitement

Spring is in the air!!! Spring is a time for opening closets and boxes, airing out the house and renewing actions and activities as we thaw out from the cold winter.

Jason Waxberg:  The Progression from Toys to Tools

When your aspirations are to change the world for the better are based on unsolved real problems, you better stick to your guns.  We have a saying here at Zansors HQ, “Science wins.” We believe that by grounding everything we do in science we can create products and services that will not only bring value to your life, but also maintain that value over time.

Zansors Aspirations

Zansors is a start-up business with great aspirations.  Our aspirations to change the world for the better are based on unsolved real problems.  Many of these problems are well defined; this chart explains existing challenges with chronic disease, the aging population, hospital readmissions, and physician shortages.

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