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What To Do With The Sleep Champ Score Report

So you've been using the Sleep ChampTM app for a few months now and generated score reports for your child. What's next? Important people will need to know your child's sleep quality risk. Sleep ChampTM creates a score report that can be shared from within the app. 

Catching Early Changes in a Child's Sleep Pattern

Hi, I’m Abhijit Dasgupta, Ph.D., the Chief Data Scientist at Zansors. On top of my professional hats, I’m also a dad to two small kids. As a parent I can see very quickly the effects of disturbed sleep on my kids – the crankiness, excitability and lower concentration.

Video: Overview of a Good Night’s Sleep for Children by Kathy Wilson, M.D.

Zansors, Doctor Patient Medical Association and Sleep ChampTM are very fortunate to have Kathy Wilson, M.D. as a guest for our first Fireside Forum online discussion that will take place Saturday, September 22nd 2012 at 2pm. 

Top Ten Reasons to Download the Sleep Champ App

We at Zansors have been busy with Sleep ChampTM. It’s been a very exciting launch! We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and the world of sleep medicine. My name is Dr. Ranjit Das and I am the Chief Medical Innovation Officer at Zansors. My role is to bring new ideas through medicine to our technology and products.

Sleep Champ: Bringing Back Bedtime - Post from “Crazy House Reviews – From a Mom Who Knows”

As a mom, I know firsthand how difficult it can be on the family when your kid has a bad night. I also know how helpless you can feel when you sense your kid is having a hard time during the day, but you don’t know why.

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