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Zansors is a start-up business with great aspirations.  Our aspirations to change the world for the better are based on unsolved real problems.  Many of these problems are well defined; this chart explains existing challenges with chronic disease, the aging population, hospital readmissions, and physician shortages. But today, problems like diabetes, obesity, access to affordable care, among many others, are global problems.  More than ever, health and wellness solutions should help not only developed countries but also those at the bottom-of-the-pyramid (BOP), as Professor C.K. Prahalad advocated.

A small business like Zansors needs put our flag in the ground declaring our entrepreneurial calling in health and wellness.  People may think we are crazy and too ambitious, but that is when Zansors gets inspiration to change the world based on Apple’s brilliant video that says “Think Different.”  The role of entrepreneurial companies is to create and destroy.  We can’t accept outdated business models that are stagnating progress.  As a young company, Zansors needs to be brave; our bravery to accept the challenges facing the world in health and wellness is no different than that exemplified by the excellent video by Red Bull. Certain people embrace challenges even when others may think you are crazy.  How does Zansors practice this “think different” mantra and bravery on a practical manner?  Well, it starts with the revolution of the Internet and mobile devices.   Perhaps the concepts of “Think Different” and bravery are best captured when President John F. Kennedy gave the 1961 speech where he eloquently said “We choose to go to the Moon.”

We live in exciting times, with the Internet, wireless data, and mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. Translating and leveraging these mobile wireless technologies to improve your health and wellness is an exciting prospect for us.  Zansors believes that it has the  super-hero team and “secret sauce” to bring accessible health and wellness solutions to you. Specifically, we want to bring technology solutions with wearable sensors measuring physiological health (e.g. heartbeat, temperature, pressure) and biofluids (e.g. blood, sweat, etc.), addressing real-life problems and conditions you face.  Zansors will commercialize bioengineered devices and apps that improve your health, and make it easier for you to see how you are doing.  We will be sharing more specifics examples in the coming months, so stay tuned.

We admire our peer entrepreneurs in all industries but we are reminded of the famous quote by Jeff Hammerbacher (early Facebook employee) who said in Businessweek, “The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks.”  His quote reminds us why Zansors will stay focused in health and wellness.  There are so many cool ideas for health and wellness monitoring and improvement in movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Minority Report but we have not yet experienced these technologies in the real world.  Zansors wants to bring these health technologies to your family and you.

Entrepreneurship is hard and the odds are against entrepreneurs, but at Zansors we play to win. Zansors will share more about our journey in health and wellness with you, and we will share opportunities to co-create with you.  We hope you identify goals.  We hope you embrace challenge.  Be brave.  As the famous quote goes about aspirations, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  Let’s aspire to build better health and wellness solutions together to improve our lives and that of those around us.

- The Zansors Team

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