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Dr. Kathy Wilson

Dr. Kathy Wilson

Zansors recently interviewed a special guest, Kathy Wilson, M.D., who is a pediatrician with the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center. Zansors sent Dr. Wilson a few questions to answer and we hope you get to know Kathy a little more outside of her professional duties.

The Q&A with Kathy is a warm-up before an online event we are hosting this Saturday, September 22nd at 2 p.m. On Wednesday September 19th, Zansors will announce how Dr. Wilson will help parents with their child's sleep quality.

Question: What got you interested in studying sleep, and why kids and sleep in particular?Dr. Wilson: I initially became interested in sleep medicine during my pediatrics residency.  I had the opportunity to work with several families struggling with their children’s sleep and I saw firsthand how much of an impact it can have on not only the child but the entire family.

Question: Is there anyone in your family with sleep problems?Dr. Wilson: Nobody in my family has sleep problems.

Question: How's your sleep? Have you ever gone through a phase where you didn't sleep well? What did you do about it?Dr. Wilson: I am fortunate to be a good sleeper and I really make an effort to practice good sleep habits and go to bed at the same time each night.  Sometimes when I have a lot on my mind, I may have a harder time falling asleep.  On those nights, I will get up out of bed and read quietly until I am sleepy and then go back to bed.

Question: What's the most fascinating thing you know about sleep?Dr. Wilson: I am most fascinated by the body’s internal clock (circadian rhythm), and how it uses cues from the environment to signal that it is time to go to sleep and time to wake up.

Question: If you could give parents one word of advice about sleep and their kids, what would it be?Dr. Wilson: Routine :-)

Join Dr. Wilson on Saturday, September 22nd at 2 p.m., for a live online Q&A. Dr. Wilson will give participants an overview of a good night’s sleep and field questions from participating parents.

Jill MacNeice Chief Experience Officer

Email: Twitter: @jmacneice

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