Video: Overview of a Good Night’s Sleep for Children by Kathy Wilson, M.D.

Zansors, Doctor Patient Medical Association and Sleep ChampTM are very fortunate to have Kathy Wilson, M.D. as a guest for our first Fireside Forum online discussion that will take place Saturday, September 22nd 2012 at 2pm. Dr. Wilson is a Research Fellow and Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Neurology, the Department of Pediatrics and the Sleep Disorder Center at the University of Michigan. Dr. Wilson’s research focuses on challenges to healthy sleep among preschool and elementary school children in low-income neighborhoods. We interviewed Dr. Wilson earlier this week so we know how passionate she is about sleep medicine.

Our goal is to give parents the opportunity to ask questions live and online with Dr. Wilson during Saturday’s forum. To get parents thinking about sleep for children and what questions to ask, we created this video. It’s very informative and helpful to give your child the best night’s sleep possible. Video highlights:

1) Benefits of sleep 2) Recommended hours of sleep for children 3) Signs children may not be getting a good night sleep 4) Other health risks of not getting enough sleep 5) Tips to get a better night sleep

Enjoy the video and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday. For more information about the Fireside Forum, visit our information page at and sign up at

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We’d also like to thank our video producer Jesse Meria for his videography talents. Jesse produces videos for the University of Michigan and Cunning Expressions Photography and Videography. He is one of our esteemed parents and has shared his adventures in parenting with Sleep Champ.

Ranjit Das, M.D. Zansors Chief Medical Innovation Officer

Email: Twitter: @MADEinDNA

(Sleep Champ is a product of Zansors, based on University of Michigan technology. It is not a product of the University of Michigan Health System.)

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