Sleep Champ Tutorial Video - My Experience Producing the Tutorial Video

Sleep ChampTM Tutorial Video - My Experience Producing the Tutorial Video

By Jesse Meria

Video Producer

It’s my pleasure to introduce the newest video for Zansors’ Sleep ChampTM app: a video tutorial for how to use the Sleep ChampTM app to check your child’s sleep quality.

My name is Jesse Meria and I’m a Video Producer with the University of Michigan and Cunning Expressions Photography and Videography. I was introduced to Zansors and wanted to produce videos for Sleep ChampTM right away. It was a pleasure producing their inaugural video: an interview with Dr. Ronald Chervin who is the director of the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center. The initial phone call from Zansors to propose the project was exciting. Zansors is enthusiastic and really thrives to pull out your creative thinking. Although I am working for them from another state, they made me feel like a part of the team with conference calls and a photo of their immediate team.

Sleep ChampTM also inspired me because I am a parent myself. I have two children, a 10 year old and a 6 year old son. I try to volunteer in my child’s school as often as I can and it is very easy to notice the children who did not get enough sleep the night before. I’m good at observing and I also see myself as someone who like to learn my lesson and then make the change to better the life of my family. Being such a busy family, I have had to set 3 alarms to get my kids ready for bed each night, one for “bath, brush teeth and PJ’s” , one for “reading time” and last, “lights out”. This helps keep our routine and if we don’t follow it, we do regret it the next day, the kids are cranky, they can’t focus on school work, feeling groggy and or just sleeping in until noon and missing out on the day.

I wanted to make this video unique from my previous work. I knew Zansors would allow a fun and creative approach so I decided to use my favorite spokesperson as the narrator, my son! I wish I could show you the joy he had when he heard he would be the voice behind Sleep ChampTM. It was a natural fit because he is my little champ. I’m always asking my two sons for ideas when I have new projects. They can usually come up with some very creative things that I would not have otherwise thought of on my own. Most importantly it’s just a great feeling to be able to see their excitement when they are a part of something fun like this. In the end, it is all fun. My 10 year old was jealous that his brother was able to work with me, but I told him we will make up for it. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this project and with the outline that Zansors sent me, everything just fell into place. I’m looking forward to doing more creative videos with Zansors in the future.

So thank you for watching the video. It represents my work which I enjoy so much and something I value as a father, the promotion of good sleep quality I want for my own children.

Jesse Meria Cunning Expressions Photography and Videography Ann Arbor, MI Twitter: @A2VideoProducer

More information on the Sleep ChampTM app: Website Download for Apple Download for Android  Twitter  Facebook

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