Top Ten Reasons to Download the Sleep Champ App

Top Ten Reasons to Download Sleep ChampTM App

By Ranjit Das, M.D.

Zansors Chief Medical Innovation Officer

We at Zansors have been busy with Sleep ChampTM. It’s been a very exciting launch! We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and the world of sleep medicine. My name is Dr. Ranjit Das and I am the Chief Medical Innovation Officer at Zansors. My role is to bring new ideas through medicine to our technology and products. It’s been my passion to help individuals with their health and wellness using technology in new and exciting ways.

By bringing relevant news to our Facebook and Twitter pages, we realize there can be “information overload”. Here is our top ten list to recap our launch month and why we think you should check out the Sleep ChampTM app to empower your little sleeper.

To read more and see multimedia, click the topics below. Without further delay...the top ten list:

1. The American Academy of Pediatrics changed their clinical guidelines.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recently established that if a child snores regularly, they should be evaluated for sleep apnea. We didn’t put snoring as the first few questions for no reason. Answer simple questions to find out if your child’s doctor should evaluate for sleep apnea.

2. It's back to school time.
our child probably started school this week and is adjusting to a new sleep schedule. The number of hours a child sleeps is important, but we think quality is just as important. The Sleep ChampTM app addresses sleep quality for you.

3. Help you take action.
You’ve read the information we share on the Sleep ChampTM Facebook and Twitter pages, now take an active role beyond reading articles. By using an app, you are empowering yourself and your child’s health and wellness.

4. Sleep ChampTM app is powered by University of Michigan technology and research. 
For you, this means Sleep ChampTM has been investigated by clinical research conducted by Dr. Ronald Chervin who is the director of the University of Michigan Sleep Disorders Center. Dr. Chervin is our Sleep ChampTM ambassador. Watch him talk about his role and passion for sleep medicine.

5. Build awareness so you can talk to the pediatrician.
Did you know mouth breathing and behavior are tied to sleep related breathing disorders? The Sleep ChampTM app is a tool to increase awareness based on topics that doctors find important regarding sleep medicine.

6. We launched our tutorial video this week.
Learn how to use the Sleep ChampTM app with our video. Even our video producer, who is a parent, had some things to say about how he gets his kids to bed and his "three alarms". Here is a link to his blog post: September 4th, 2012 My Experience Producing the Sleep Champ Tutorial Video 

7. When your child sleeps well, you sleep well.
Parents always take care of their child’s health, but are you making sure you are sleeping well too? Parents can learn too while teaching good habits to their children when using the Sleep ChampTM app. 

8. Dancing babies and sleeping babies. 
When your child sleeps well, they know how to have a good time! These babies agree: Dancing Babies & Restful Waking Baby 

9. Sleep ChampTM app will give you simple and easy to understand results.
The app tells you how to use this score and what low risk sleep quality means based on the questions in the questionnaire. We even help you email the score report to loved ones. For each question in the questionnaire, we provide helpful resources to understand what each health topic means for your child. This can help you talk to your child about sleep topics and symptoms.

10. Caring parents want the best for their child.
You’ve taken the first step by visiting our site. Learn more and contact us if you have any questions about the Sleep ChampTM app. We are here for you. After you’ve read this list you’ll find our links, say hello via Twitter or Facebook!


Thank you and sleep well!

Ranjit Das, M.D. Chief Medical Innovation Officer Twitter: @MADEinDNA

More information on the Sleep ChampTM app: Website Download for Apple Download for Android Twitter Facebook

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